Cosmetic Dental Reasons for a Gum Reshaping Procedure

Gum Reshaping McAllen, TX

Gum reshaping is a good option for individuals who are not satisfied with the way that their smile appears. Oftentimes, the gums can suffer as a result of bad oral health, resulting in the need for reshaping or recontouring.

This dental procedure helps improve appearance that may have been damaged as a result of gums that are too large or have receded far up the tooth. Of course, there are also medical reasons to consider gum reshaping. Ultimately, talking with a dentist about reshaping procedures is the best step to take. 

The reasons why gums are not aligned

Several different factors can affect why your gums have pushed further down the teeth or receded up the tooth line. Some of these are caused by genetics or specific medical conditions. Additionally, there are even some types of prescription medications that can affect the location of the gum line.

Gum lines can also be affected by lifestyle, dental practices, or injury. Many individuals who smoke or use chewing tobacco may find that their gums are not healthy. This can lead to swelling or recession of gums. Additionally, when the gums get pulled away from the tooth, it can create pockets that can harbor harmful bacteria.

Gum reshaping procedures help recontour the gum line to patients achieve their desired smile. Recontouring can help one's smile to look more full. Additionally, this can help make the gums look healthier.

Gum reshaping procedures

There are a variety of different ways that dentists can help to improve the appearance of the gums or gum line. If your gums are too large or extend too far down the tooth, the dentist will likely reshape the gums by removing excess tissue. It offers a better appearance and could also help keep the gums healthier.

In contrast, if the gums are too small, several different techniques can be used to achieve an ideal smile. Some of these procedures include a deep cleaning to remove bacteria and give the gums a clean surface to adhere to. In some cases, skin grafts may be used to lengthen the gums or procedures that push the gums further onto the tooth by inserting specialized instruments that will hold the gums in place. Tiny stitches may also be used to help keep the gums in place while they attach to the tooth.

Why to consider gum reshaping

Individuals that feel that their teeth are too long or too short may feel that their gum line could use an improvement. While there are health reasons to consider a gum procedure, we frequently see patients that are bothered by the appearance of their smile.

Gum reshaping is a relatively fast procedure and can be completed in a single office visit. Additionally, patients only require a local anesthetic, meaning that you will be awake for the entire process. Many of our patients do not have to miss any work to have the procedure completed. Go back to the office after lunch with a brand-new smile!

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